First Timers

Our Facilities

Upon entering and paying at the front counter, you'll notice that the sauna is split into two levels, with the locker room located right after.

For the benefit of everyone, please respect our policy of no eating, drinking, or smoking downstairs.

Take a moment to read the information provided on the steam room/sauna door.

Make use of spa handrails - switch on the blower - button on the wall

On arrival, you will be provided with a towel. When you are ready to change your towel, please visit the locker room.
Before leaving, make sure to return any used towels.

Charge for food and drink assigned to locker number

No engaging in any jumping, urinating, or sexual activities in the pool and spa areas.

A safe and empowering environment at our safe sex venue, where knowledge and protection go hand in hand.

Navigate through the darkened maze area

Downstairs is strictly off-limits for shoes, clothes, and mobile phones.

In the event of any issues, kindly seek assistance from our staff members and remember to provide them your name.

Have fun and enjoy!